Our most frequently asked questions

What is the new airasia cards?

The new airasia cards are airasia Platinum credit card (“airasia credit card”) and airasia debit card (issued by PermataBank) which offer great benefits with airasia which include earning airasia points and priority services such as Boarding, Check-in and Xpress Baggage.

You can use your card in any of Visa’s merchants both locally and internationally as well as online. Each time you use your cards you’ll earn airasia points that you can use to redeem airasia flights.

Visit https://www.airasiacards.com/id/en to find out more about the great benefits.

How do I apply?

It’s simple to apply just click on the Apply button on the website https://www.airasiacards.com/id/en and you will be taken to our safe and secure online application for both airasia credit card and airasia debit card. It will only take a few minutes to complete and the result of your application will provided to you after complete assessment by PermataBank.

How long will it take to receive my new airasia credit card and airasia debit card?

We aim to inform you the result of your application within 7 working days after receiving complete application and documents required. In some cases where additional information are required to process your credit card and debit card application, Permata Bank will get in touch with you. Please contact PermataTel at 1500120 for calls within Indonesia or +6221-29850602 for calls outside of Indonesia, with any questions concerning your application.

What will my credit limit be?

Once your airasia credit card application is approved, you will be assigned a credit limit based on your eligibility. The assignment of credit limit is the sole discretion of PermataBank.

How do I join as a member of airasia rewards to earn airasia points?

Simply log on to www.airasia.com and follow the sign up link. You can also download the airasia Super App. It’s easy and very quick to complete so you’ll be earning points immediately. Being a airasia member gives you the opportunity to earn points when you use your card and when you fly. Details of how to link your card will be sent to when your card application is accepted.

How do I earn airasia points with my cards?

Every time you spend on your airasia credit card or airasia debit card whether locally or internationally you’ll earn airasia points and these will show on your statement and each month added to your airasia rewards account. To check your accumulated number of airasia points, you can log on to www.airasia.com or view it on the airasia Super App.

How do I spend my airasia points?

As a valued airasia member, you’ll be able to take advantage of using your airasia points to redeem for airasia flights or save by using your airasia points when you purchase flights. All you need to do is watch out for the special offers emails from airasia rewards or simply log on to www.airasia.com or via the airasia Super App to search for flights

What are the Priority benefits?

This benefit is available only for airasia Platinum credit card holders. Priority Check-in, Boarding and Xpress Baggage will be available in many of airasia’s locations and offer a faster way to complete your check in at the airport, be one of the first to board and get your luggage off the plane quicker.

Priority Check-in: You will be able to check-in at the Premium Flex and/or Premium Flatbed check-in counter where available Priority Boarding: You will be assigned to the priority zone 1 boarding which will allow you to board first. Xpress Baggage: You will be given priority baggage tagging for checked baggage in order to get your baggage off the plane quicker upon arrival.

All in all, you be treated to our best service from the World’s Best Budget Airline (Skytrax). Please see full details on the website privileges terms and conditions.

How do I qualify for Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding and Xpress Baggage?

Once you have activated your airasia Platinum credit card, you are qualified for an instant upgrade to airasia Platinum Membership Status. With this status, you are entitled to enjoy Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding and Xpress Baggage.

How do I enjoy access to Priority Check-in, Priority Boarding and Xpress Baggage?

Simply login as a airasia member at www.airasia.com or the airasia Super App to book for flights using your airasia Platinum credit card. As a qualified airasia Platinum Member, only you will be able to enjoy the priority benefits.

Can I have a new airasia credit card and airasia debit card as well as other PermataBank credit card or debit card?

Yes, you can have more than one credit card or debit card with PermataBank.

How can I find out other information about my cards?

Please refer to the terms and conditions on https://www.airasiacards.com/id/en.

What kind of purchases should I make on my credit and debit card?

The airasia credit card and airasia debit card can be used for any variety of purchases and used in all the places that accept Visa cards either in retail shops or online or purchasing your flights or services with airasia.

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM using my credit card or debit card?

You will be able to use a credit card or debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. Full details of fees associated with ATM withdrawals (and all other fees in respect of the airasia credit card and airasia debit card) can be found in the terms and conditions on https://www.airasiacards.com/id/en and https://www.permatabank.com/airasiacards

Can I use my credit card and debit card abroad?

Yes, you will generally be able to use your credit card and debit card to make purchases abroad, with the same restrictions as using it at home.

Who is airasia?

airasia is the World’s Best Low Cost Airline (1) for 10 years in a row with an extensive network across Asia and Australia. airasia has sparked a revolution in air travel with more and more people in Indonesia choosing airasia as the preferred choice of airline. As they continuously strive to promote air travel, they also seek to create excitement amongst guests with a range of innovative and personalized services including the airasia credit card in Indonesia (issued by PermataBank) that will make more people in the region travel with the airline.

Who is airasia rewards?

As the loyalty programme for airasia, airasia rewards enables its members to enjoy the lowest flight fares across airasia’s extensive network. The loyalty programme makes all seats redeemable by utilising airasia points. Other member-exclusive privileges include 24-hour priority booking for all airasia sales, monthly member-only Final Call or Final Call X Sale of up to 90% off on flight redemptions and more. Earn airasia points depending on your spend type and how much you spend. The more you spend with your airasia credit card anywhere in the world, the faster you will be able to redeem airasia flights. The airasia Super App is available for download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.

Who is PermataBank?

PermataBank has collaborated with airasia and is the issuer of the airasia credit card and airasia debit card. For more details on PermataBank you can go online to https://www.permatabank.com

(1) Skytrax World Airline Awards July 2018